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That’s why Hook hugged Neal—because he finally saw in Neal that brave boy who just wanted his family to be whole again. “Long overdue” was the best way to describe that hug; these two characters both needed that moment of reconciliation.

Once again, O’Donoghue floored me with his sincerity; you could feel Hook’s remorse and love as he hugged Milah’s little boy after so many years. Hook doesn’t do well with public moments; he reverts to sarcasm because he’s uncomfortable (see his forced apology to Belle, which was all kinds of awesome because both she and Emma were having none of it). But when he’s alone with someone he loves, he feels safe enough to be vulnerable, which is exactly what happened with Neal. I was so proud of both of them for admitting that they let a woman (both Milah and Emma) get in the way of what could have been a healing relationship for them.

And when Hook touched Neal’s heart—calling him “her boy” (Milah’s boy), followed by Neal calling him Killian with all the weight Raymond-James could give that one name, I cried for these two men and the hope I could feel between them—the hope that this could be a new, happier chapter in a story that had seen too much pain in the past.


Y’know what I REALLY hate about the Daddy!Pan twist?

It manufactured an almost redeemable side to Peter Pan.

Up until Think Lovely Thoughts, Pan was the perfect villain. He didn’t have an apparent reason to be evil -and he didn’t need one- he just plain liked being an asshole. That was his power, that he just did evil shit because he woke up feeling like it. Just 100% unapologetic, self-serving, unrefined psychopath, who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else’s ass but his own. Marvelous. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen a villain like that on live-action TV.

So go ahead and count on someone to ruin such a perfect villain by succumbing to the “every villain needs a tragic backstory that explains their actions” syndrome. 

"Mozda sam lud sto volim da si opet tu samo dan ili dva…" I miss you :’(

Thanks for the memories ♡♥♡


RIP Pero
2012-2014 I had never been so devoted to taking care of another living creature before, never had anyone turn to me for everything he needed and solely depend on me. This little fella taught me a lot about myself, and he’s pulled me through more horrible days than I can count. Pero, thank you for that. I’m going to miss you more than I can say. Goodbye and I love you so much.

Is there some kind of reward for consuming one’s weight in pasta? If so, I think I’ve won it… At least twice.





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He’s making angles in a powder of his flesh

angles yes

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